Tracking bill of lading number


bill of lading original-non negotiable charges 1 extra 1 extra 2 extra 3 base $ total $ arrive time a.m. depart time p.m. a.m. p.m. driver signature driver (print name) dr# (562) 908-2728 carrier’s maximum liability is agreed and understood to be $.50 per pound multiplied by the

March 4th,2020

CBP and Trade Automated Interface Requirements

along with the tracking number in the Bill of Lading Number data element. If a House Bill of Lading is issued for the cargo under a Master Bill of Lading, then two SE15 records must be used with the AWB Prefix and Master Bill of Lading number reported in the Bill of Lading Number data element of the first record, and the House Bill ...

March 4th,2020

Blank Bill of lading - Pahoa Express Inc

[Date] BILL OF LADING – SHORT FORM – NOT NEGOTIABLE Page 1 of 1 SHIP FROM Bill of Lading Number: _____ [Name] [Street Address] [City, ST ZIP Code] SID No.: _____ BAR CODE SPACE SHIP TO Carrier Name: _____

March 4th,2020

Bill of Lading -

freight charges are prepaid on this bill of lading unless marked collect trucking straight bill of lading original - not negotiable shipper (from): address city. state. zip shipper phone no.. bill third party freight charges to: name/company address city, state, zip bill of lading number oate consignee (to): address state, zip consignee phone ...

March 4th,2020


straight bill of lading shipper please note freight charges are prepaid unless marked collect collect original - not negotiable date p.o. no. shipper no. place pro label here customer’s special reference number