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Have your students assume the role of a Times reporter who covers a particular “beat,” such as the White House, City Hall or a sports team, with students choosing their beats based on articles in that day’s Times. Have students create a dialogue between the reporter and his or her editor, with the reporter explaining why the

December 4th,2019

Board President’s Announcements and Reports – July 29, 2019

Board President’s Announcements and Reports – July 29, 2019 . Resolution Recommending Legislation Requiring School Districts Retire Native American

December 4th,2019


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December 4th,2019

SPORTS REPORTER - westbranchtimes.com

Times, Tipton Conservative and Sun-News are Mondays at Noon. SPORTS REPORTER The West Branch Times seeks a part-time sports reporter/photographer to help cover West Branch High School varsity sports. Usually two games per week at night and some weekends. For more details, contact Gregory R. Norfleet, editor, at 319-643-2131 or

December 4th,2019

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