Social sciences


0.1 SOCIAL SCIENCE AS AN ACADEMIC DISCIPLINE As the name itself suggests, Social Science is concerned about society. It aims at understanding all aspects of society as well as finding solutions to deal with social problems. It is a broad area of knowledge and includes several different disciplines under its domain.

December 30th,2020

What is a Social Science Essay? - SAGE Publications Inc

particular, essay writing in the social sciences. To start with, we look at the structure of social science essays. 2.1 The structure of a basic social science essay There are different types of social science essay, and essays of different lengths require slightly different approaches (these will be addressed later).

December 30th,2020

The Science in Social Science

The Science in Social Science 1.1 INTRODUCTION THIS BOOK is about research in the social sciences. Our goal is practical: designing research that will produce valid inferences about social and political life We focus on political science, but our argument applies to other disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, history, economics,