Iliac bone lesion causes

Bone lesions: Malignant or Benign or Both?

Mixed sclerotic & lytic areas in L5, S2 to S4 sacrum and L iliac bone; small lytic area in R iliac bone. Findings are suggestive of multiple bone metastasis, with pathological fractures in L5 vertebra and R iliac bone. Prostate enlarged Prominent right groin lymph node (1.5cm)

November 5th,2019


Radiologic appearance of iliac wing masses may mimic each other as is the case in other bone tumours (1-4). Although rare and common pathologies that affect iliac wings such as soft tissue lesions, metastatic lesions or those originating from bone structures, metabolic or systemic disorders have been

November 5th,2019

Lesions on pelvic bones: Spectrum and radiologic findings

composed of cortical and medullary bone with an overlying hyaline cartilage cap. Pathological and radiological features of this lesion are that represents a continuity of medular and cortical normal bone covered by a thin proliferative cartilage [5]. Solitary osteochondromas occur most often in young male patients: 20-40 years.

November 5th,2019

Imaging of Focal Sclerotic Bone Lesions

Key words: Sclerotic Bone Lesion, Focal Bone Lesion Focal sclerotic bone lesions are encountered commonly in clini cal practice. The differential diagnosis remains broad and includes traumatic, vascular, infectious, neoplastic, met-abolic, and developmental causes. This article seeks to discuss

November 5th,2019

The Radiology Assistant : Sclerotic bone tumors and tumor ...

The Radiology Assistant : Sclerotic bone tumors and tumor-like lesions 23/01/2017 2112 ... The Radiology Assistant : Sclerotic bone tumors and tumor-like lesions 23/01/2017 2112 ... Here a well-defined mixed sclerotic-lytic lesion of the left iliac bone. The diagnosis was fibrous dysplasia. DD: old SBC.