Exterior wood top rail

Andersen Wood Inswing Entry Doors (2001 to Present)

Andersen ® Wood Inswing Entry Doors (2001 to Present) 2018 Andersen® Wood Inswing Entry Doors (2001 to Present) - 11 Single and Double Doors Panels - Shapes and Sizes Panels Wood Inswing Doors - Shapes and Styles Note: These doors represent only a few of the many styles available. 709 178 194 214 218 229 230 232 275 323 693 223 328 622 640 712

June 23rd,2020


TOP RAIL Rail located at the top of a door. Rail frame components typically consist of a top, bottom, intermediate, and lock rail. DOOR PANEL Wood surface that is framed by stile and rail components. Panels are locked in place within the frame by sticking. Many panel and sticking options are available to complement the style of your home ...


June 23rd,2020

Andersen Wood Outswing Folding Doors (2009 to Present)

Wood Outswing Folding Doors - Jamb Panels Top Rail Side Stile Side Stile Bottom Rail 3 7 1 Interior Glazing Stop 2 Exterior Stop 3 Flushbolt 4 Watershed 5 Brush Sweep 6 Pile Weatherseal ( 460") 7 Frame Weatherseal 5 4 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 6 Panels


June 23rd,2020

Steel Exterior Door Energy Saver Glass Designs

edge skin sticking lock block core stiles / top rail wood (std) bright white primed galvanized steel beaded 12" (std) 18" (optional) wood or eps expanded ... interior of skin exterior of skin eps core nail door skin door ski steel bottom rail wood stile metal stile wood insert door skin steel bottom rail eps core door skin nail 1st primer 2nd ...


June 23rd,2020

Wood Swinging Door Collection - Marvin

Top rail height and stile width: 6" (152) Bottom rail height: 8 1/8" (206) Bottom rail, stationary stile, locking stile, hinged stile and top rail for all species use LVL Top radius rail is finger-jointed solid wood Top rail is solid wood for arch top doors Intermediate rail: solid face laminated


June 23rd,2020

How to Stain Wood-Grain Textured Fiberglass Doors

(stiles and top rail, see figure 1 for details). Doors that are outswing or have adjustable surface mounted sweeps will need to have the sweep removed and the bottom rail painted. Finishing Order: For wood-grain textured door finishing with brush. 1. Panels and sticking (moulding profiles) 2. Vertical center areas (mullions) 3. Horizontal areas ...


June 23rd,2020


• Factory primed wood doors (molded, flush, premium composite, stile and rail) MUST be finished within fourteen (14) days of purchase. • Raw, un-primed wood doors (molded, flush, stile and rail) MUST be finished within SEVEN (7) days of purchase. • Finish wood frames in the same manner as the slab.


June 23rd,2020

Architectural Woodwork Standards doors 9

eXterIor doors Wood doors are not recommended for exterior use. Most flush doors no longer have extended exterior use warranties and some have no warranty at all. Refer to manufacturers’ written warranty for specifics. Wood doors used in an exterior environment should be water repellent treated at the factory after manufacturing.


June 23rd,2020

PRODUCT GUIDE Interior and Exterior Doors

Interior and Exterior doors swing in or out on side hinges and may be single or double door configurations. INTRODUCTION PRODUCT GUIDE Interior and Exterior Doors 1 Do-It-Yourself Technician DOUBLE DOOR ANATOMY HANDING (SHOWN FROM TOP) SINGLE DOOR ANATOMY Top rail Top rail Stile Panel Active slab Sill Sill Bottom rail Exterior Outswing Outswing ...


June 23rd,2020


the exterior wall of a one- or two-family dwelling. ... 2x6 or 5/4 board rail cap attached to each post with (3) 16d nails or #10x3" wood screws 2x2 balusters attached at top and bottom with (2) 8d nails or (1) #8x2-1/2" min wood screw 2x4 top and bottom attached to each post with (2) 8d nails or (2) #8x3" wood screws 2x8 = 3 1/4"