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the alarming pan-African decline facing elephants’.” For 20 years, Elephants Alive, the Hoedspruit-based NGO, has been studying the elephants of the Greater Kruger to ensure their survival, and to promote harmony with humans. We have developed an identification database of nearly 2 000 elephants by photographing and drawing their unique ...

November 5th,2019


70% for estimates and 50% for guesses since 2006, with elephants now existing in tiny remnants across their vast former range. Garamba National Park, in the north-east of the country, has continued to see declines in elephant numbers in the last ten years as a result of …

November 5th,2019

Elephant corridor use and threats in the eastern range of ...

range of African elephants in East Africa has continu-ally declined due loss of habitat and displacement by humans. In the Amboseli ecosystem, a key elephant range in Kenya (Blanc et al., 2003), agriculture is the major land use in the wetlands and on Mt. Kiliman-jaro’s slopes (Campbell et al., 2000). Wildlife has

November 5th,2019

Observations of Elephants in East and Southern Africa

OBSERVATIONS OF ELEPHANTS IN EAST AND SOUTHERN AFRICA by Jeheskel Shoshani Listed below are selected short observations on African elephants (Loxodonta africana) made during the past summer in East and Southern Africa. Observing elephants was not the objective of this trip. Whenever possible, we visited national parks and game reserves.

November 5th,2019

Managerial Nightmares- Humans, Elephants, and Different ...

Managerial Nightmares- Humans, Elephants, and Different World Views By Robin Cook Understanding the complexity of the various relationships between humans and elephants in Africa is one of the biggest challenges facing modern conservationists. In South Africa for

November 5th,2019

Loxodonta africana African Elephant

of the known elephants on the continent, approximately 270,299–364,925 elephants (African Elephant Database). East Africa holds approximately 28% and Central Africa 17%. In West Africa, less than 2% of the continent’s known elephants are spread out over the remaining 13 elephant range States.

November 5th,2019

Introducing the Eastern Cape: A quick guide to its history ...

the east). The international sanctions in the 1980s saw East London’s economy take a dip, but large investments in recent years have led to growth, especially in the motor industry. East London is also the site where the Coelacanth was rediscovered by fishermen in 1938, after it was believed to have been extinct for the last 65 million years!

November 5th,2019

The Asian elephant has been worshipped for centuries — now ...

Asian Elephant The Asian elephant has been worshipped for centuries — now it could be facing extinction in the wild Although revered by many Asian cultures, the Asian elephant is being pushed to extinction. While there are over 15,000 Asian elephants in captivity, …

November 5th,2019

Maasai people and elephants: values and perceptions

In Africa, elephants still roam outside protected areas and frequently interact with local people. Maasai-land in East Africa has a considerable elephant population, estimated to number 20,000 individuals, yet there is little understanding of the cultural values and perception of …

November 5th,2019


FENCING AND OTHER BARRIERS AGAINST PROBLEM ELEPHANTS Physical barriers, although an expensive option, are seen by many people as potentially a permanent solution to an elephant problem. Several types of barriers have been tried against elephants, most commonly electrified wire fences. In practice, long-term